Friday, May 6, 2011

Wellness Report: Holistic Health For Pets

A relaxed Sophia and Hurley post-Reiki session.
(Photo © Maria Wakem)

I’ve been practicing Reiki for more than five years now, and my loved ones are often on the receiving end of my healing touch. But my most frequent clients are my cats, Sophia and Hurley. 

While it seems only appropriate that my cats crave regular Reiki sessions, Sophia and Hurley are not alone. Many pets are now receiving alternative health treatments as more and more pet owners turn to holistic vets for care. And when a holistic veterinary care hospital opened near my apartment, I was inspired to look into the various treatments options. This investigation of sorts led to my recent article on, “Western vs. Holistic Vet: Who Is Better For Your Pet?” (Read the full article here.)

I have yet to take my two fur balls to the holistic vet, but something tells me that as long as there are treats involved, they’ll be all for it. 


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